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Visitor Rules & Restrictions

The gardens are open to Inn Guests, Private Event Guests, and Public Event Guests only. Trespassers may be prosecuted. 

There is no smoking or food/drinks allowed in the gardens. Any trash must be placed in the trash container near the Fifth Street gate.

No one is permitted to climb on the walls, in the fountains, or on the elephant. We are not responsible for injury to yourself or others through inappropriate behavior. Anyone being destructive or endangering the property, themselves or other visitors will be required to leave. 

Picking flowers, herbs and climbing trees or wading through flower beds or hedges is not permitted. Please stay on the walks or on the grass. 

Tossing coins and other items into the fountains is strictly prohibited. 

There are stairs throughout the garden areas and wheelchair accessibility is limited. If you have questions about accessibility, please contact us at


Artists are encouraged to paint or draw the gardens, however if you are using mediums that may stain or damage our historic brick or limestone please come prepared with a plastic drop cloth. If you have any questions about using your art supplies in the garden, please give us a call at 812-376-3663.  


Photo Sessions can be booked for $100 /hour and are limited to the use of the Gardens for photos. Please email to inquire about indoor photo availability.

You may not bring glitter, confetti or flower petals to use for special effects during photo sessions.

If you have any questions about what you may or may not during your photo session, please email events@irwingardens, or ask the staff member on hand during your session. Asking forgiveness instead of permission may result in your party being asked to leave the property. 

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