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  • When is the best time of year to book an outdoor event?
    Every season brings a new feel to the Gardens, and with the intricate craftsmanship throughout, it's safe to say we have never seen a bad day here! Our gardener works hard to ensure that we have vibrant colors throughout the year, starting in early May (sometimes mid-April!) until near the end of October. Our fountains run starting in the beginning of May and get winterized toward the end of October as well.
  • Where can I set up in the Gardens?
    The Inn at Irwin Gardens boasts multiple lawns with endless picture-perfect settings. Additionally, we have electrical outlets throughout our Gardens, enabling you to select your favorite spot! Come join us on a tour and get a sense of how versatile our venue can be!
  • Can my guests get access to the House during my event?
    Guests may have access to the house only during any hour(s) that you have rented our First-Floor. This is in addition to any other package that you might rent with us. Want to give guests the chance to experience the historic building during your event/wedding? We suggest booking our First-Floor for a Welcome Hour, Cocktail Hour, or after your rehearsal the night before! Speak with our Venue Coordinator to find out the best route for you!
  • Do you have a Plan B in case of rain?
    Due to the nature of our site and it not having been originally built for the intended use as a venue, we do not have a Plan B for rain. We are able to hold up to 75 guests indoors at one time. If the swap from an outdoor event to an indoor event is needed, we require that decision 5 days in advance. The Inn at Irwin Gardens also highly recommends that renters secure a tent for their event if this is a major concern, and we will gladly help recommend vendors for this.
  • How many guests can I have at my Event?
    Indoor events are able to hold up to 75 guests, and up to 18 for a seated meal Our Terrace Package has a maximum of 200 guests, and up to 80 for a seated meal. Full Garden events have a maximum of 200 guests, and up to 150 for a seated meal.
  • How does parking work?
    The Inn at Irwin Gardens provides private parking spots for up to 5 cars in order to set-up, tear-down, or provide easier access to your event. Free parking for guests can be found along a number of streets around the Inn. We also have a working relationship with Central Middle School just around the corner, so that your guests can park free in their parking lot less than a minute walk away! If your event falls on a school day, we will work to see if this method is possible, and update you as soon as we find out!
  • Do you have security requirements?
    Yes. The Inn at Irwin Gardens requires renters to obtain methods to provide event security staff for the duration of the event if there are over 50 guests and alcohol is being served. We do this in order to keep both the Gardens and our Guests safe, as there are quite a few entrances and exits in the Gardens. Party crashers won't be a thought in your mind when you have a trained security member or two!
  • What does the "Guests Included" number mean?
    Each of our wedding packages has been fitted with Tables, Chairs, and Table Linens to accommodate the specified number of guests for each package. Additional equipment may be rented to provide for up to 150 guests in any package for an added fee.
  • Date Hold & Booking Process
    We are more than happy to hold a date for you for up to 3 weeks. If at any time during that period you wish to Book your date, a signed contract and non-refundable deposit will be required (this deposit will go toward your final invoice). These will be sent to you and you will have 1 full week to complete them. Extended holds can be placed at an additional fee.
  • What is "Exclusive Property Access"
    This means that The Inn at Irwin Gardens will not lodge guests in any rooms, nor book any indoor tours during the evening of your event. Additionally, Inn lodging beyond what is included comes at a discounted $125 a room /night. Without Exclusive Property Access, set-up has a restricted timeframe; setup cannot begin until an hour prior to Event time and the Gardens must be cleaned and items removed within an hour after the rented time has ended. However, with Exclusive Property Access you may store your items within The Inn as soon as you check-in for lodging, and begin set-up as early as you would like the following day. We ask that all trash be cleaned within an hour after the end of your event, and the majority of items gathered to indoors. You are more than welcome to pack these items and remove them that night, but you will have until checkout time (11 a.m.) of the following day to remove everything.
  • Do you provide a Bar?
    Yes we do! Due to our licensing, any alcohol at your event must be acquired and served by The Inn at Irwin Gardens. We do our very best to stay competitive with our prices and work with our clients to make the best plan for their needs. We provide everything that you need, from drinks, bartenders, to garnishes and plasticware, and more. The Inn at Irwin Gardens DOES NOT ALLOW any outside alcohol. Fines will be charged, as this action can pose a threat to our food & beverage licensing. We appreciate your understanding and will work hard to ensure that you and your guests have the best experience possible. We also understand that as you get ready, you may want some refreshments. We have options available for mimosas, old fashioneds, mocktails, or other beverage trays to add to your Package. Your Package may include a bar set-up in it. This however, does NOT include the price of alcohol consumed during your event. Please reach out if you would like to see our beverage options and their pricing. We are more than happy to work with you to select or create a pricing option which fits your needs and budget. Bar Consumption-Price will be invoiced to you AFTER your event, and you will have 2 weeks to complete payment, unless otherwise agreed-upon. Bar decisions do not need to be made in order to book your event, so don't sweat it if you need some time to think!
  • Can I use your Refrigerator?
    Unfortunately the Inn is not equipped to house a commercial refrigerator, as it was not originally constructed to be a venue. Our only refrigerator in the house is domestic style, and used to chill wines, and other bar items. This does not leave room for use by our guests. If you are renting the Gardener's Cottage on the nights before and after your Event, you may use the fridge in the kitchen for any items that you wish. This is also a domestic style refrigerator, so please keep that in mind! Please note that Buttercream frosting is not a fan of spaces without cooling methods. We will do our best to keep items with buttercream frosting cooler indoors, but we cannot guarantee that this will be enough to prevent frosting from sliding.
  • Can I host my Rehearsal Dinner with you?
    Of course! After your 1 hour Rehearsal, you are welcome to rent the First Floor or the Gardens to use for your rehearsal dinner or cocktail hour. This is a separate rental, and will come with a separate contract as well. Our Dining Room can hold up to 18 guests for a seated meal, though you are able to rent additional tables and chairs to place in other rooms throughout the First Floor.
  • Does The Inn at Irwin Gardens have any required vendors?
    NOPE! Aside from our bar, due to licensing, we have an open vendor policy. You are more than welcome to book any vendors that you wish to for your event. Your caterer will need to present their licensing and insurance before your event. We also send all of our booked couples a copy of our recommended vendors to help them on their planning journey!
  • Do you host more than one wedding/event at once?
    Not here! Rest assured that your event will be the only one booked for the day, and our Venue Coordinator's full attention will be on helping you with your venue needs!
  • Is my Furry Friend able to join us?
    The Inn at Irwin Gardens allows dogs in the gardens as long as they are picked-up after and on a leash throughout the duration of the event. Animals are not allowed indoors, however we do have shaded areas for your furry friend if they need a break from the heat!
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