Frozen In Time

The Inn has changed very little in the last 100 years, including retaining all of its light fixtures, furniture, decorations, and most of the bathroom fixtures. 

The original house, built in 1864.

The enlarged and redesigned house in 1890.

The house as you see it today. The final remodel dates to 1910.

The foyer and grand staircase during the 1890 period.

The Edwardian staircase and foyer looks the same today as 100 years ago.

The front parlor in 1923 still contains much of the furniture and decorations seen here.

The music room adjoining the parlor. The Steinway piano seen in the photo is no longer on the estate. Another antique baby grand piano has replaced it and is still used today as the music room by guests and performers.

The library c. 1923. It is the largest room in the house and gives the best view onto the terrace.

The library c. 1923. Today, most of the furniture is still in this room and all of the books on display are from the original family estate.

The dining room circa 1923, with an Orinoca dining set, manufactured here in Columbus.

In 1910, the large lawn on the west side of the house was converted into an Italianate garden, inspired by ruins excavated at Pompeii. This is the earliest photo we have of the gardens, taken about halfway through the construction.

The wisteria pergolas and turtle ponds, taken around 1920 or 1930.

An early view of the gardens taken around 1920.

The tea house with its original murals and covered with ivy. Taken around 1922.

This view underneath the wisteria pergola is identical to one you might take today. Taken around 1922.

The medieval Italian wishing well still stands in its original location in front of the 5h street gates.

A later view of the wistera pergolas. Taken in the late 1920s or early 30s.

An early photo of the shade garden, taken in 1922, although it's not very shady yet. Much later, the Irwins removed the potted tree and stepping stones replacing them with four large evergreens and brick walks.